Ways A Hotel Attracts Guests Through Marketing

ways hotels attract guests through marketing

As a hotel guest or experienced hotelier, you may be familiar with the different methods hotels use to attract guests. Many hotel marketing strategies are aimed at enticing guests to stay at the hotel. Promotions and discounts are commonly used to entice guests, as well as other methods such as advertising and hopefully favorable reviews. This is something that a marketing agency, such as the one we discovered through the website https://www.gourmetmarketing.net/hotel-marketing-agency, can advise you of.

3 Ways Hotels Get Guests With Marketing

1. Hotel Promotions And Discounts

Hotels offer promotions and discounts for a variety of reasons. The most common reason is to increase occupancy during slow periods. Hotels also use promotions to target specific groups of people, such as families or business travelers. Additionally, hotel chains will often offer promotions to loyalty program members as a way to encourage them to continue staying at their hotels.

These discounts and promotions can take many different forms. The most common is a percentage reduction in the room rate. For example, a hotel may offer a 20% discount for stays booked during the week. Other common hotel promotions include free breakfast or WiFi, free nights after a certain number of paid nights, or upgrades to a better room type.

Also, if a hotel is booked for a longer period than just a week, hotels are generally in a position to offer a discount when not so many room changes are involved to put up costs.

2. Hotel Advertising

Hotels use a variety of advertising methods to reach potential guests. The most common is print advertising, such as ads in newspapers or magazines. These can promote the hotel as a potential party venue and one that could hold family celebrations within its setting.

The hotels with bigger budgets also use TV and radio commercials to reach many more potentially interested tourists or business travelers.

Online advertising is extremely cost-effective when you consider that it could be targeted or reach a global audience.

Many hotel websites have banner ads that rotate through different hotel chains or “featured” hotel deals. Additionally, hotels will often work with travel websites to feature their hotel as a recommended option for people planning a trip.

A hotel advert can be targeted to promote a particular purpose for the hotel, such as a business conference, or simply show off its idyllic setting and inner luxuries that exist for guests to enjoy.

3. Person-To-Person Referrals

In addition to traditional marketing methods, reviews and post-stay customer feedback can be powerful ways to attract guests. Positive online reviews can encourage people to choose a particular hotel over others.

It is for a hotel to decide whether they want this review option on their website where guests can leave feedback about their experiences. Alternatively, travel websites can help hotels by taking care of this. Hotels just need to be careful to view what is being said about them so that they can quickly and effectively counteract any negative feedback. Negative feedback appearing at the top can, however, be quickly buried by lots of positive feedback thereafter if a hotel changes things to improve the service for guests.

The concierge services at hotels can be useful in recommending to guests all that they can do during their stay. They can make a trip more memorable and one that will have the guest having the best time and want to return to not just the same location but the same hotel too.


Hotel marketing strategies are important to bring in business and increase occupancy rates. By using various methods such as discounts, promotions, and advertising, hotels can reach a wider audience and attract guests from all over. Whether you are planning your next hotel stay or you are a hotelier looking to increase business, keep these strategies in mind.