6 Ways To Make Your MLM Business Stand Out

how to get people to stop ignoring your mlm business network marketing success direct selling tips

How to get People to Stop Ignoring your MLM

Over 75,000 people join MLM each week, but many fail to be seen on the internet. Find out below how to get People to Stop Ignoring your MLM business.

It is not a secret.

MLM is competitive.

Very competitive.

Think of pro athletes and the millions of children who wanted to play pro sports. . .

Not many made it.

But the ones who did make it, well,

They are rich and playing pro.

How are you going to be seen out of the millions of network marketing distributors?

Let’s get to the point.

I cover the six MOST IMPORTANT steps to getting seen and heard on the web for your MLM business.

 1. Brand YOU, not the product

Too many people join network marketing and just find a couple images of the product or company and slap those images up on their social media sites.

This doesn’t work.

Not only do 80% of new distributors do this, but no one wants to follow a bottle of skin gel on Twitter.

They want to follow a real person.

Someone who shows a personality, not a sales pitch.

Be yourself. List your hobbies or a success quote in your bio on social media.

Don’t say you are a distributor for such and such company.


Two main reasons:

People don’t care, and haven’t even heard of your company, and

If they are curious, they will just Google the company name and leave you behind.

They will find an article about the company from the first three spots on the first page of Google.

Unless you are an SEO wizard and already have a few articles in the top of the search engines, you can’t afford to give away your company name. Ever!

Even if they ask you who you work for. . .

If they are just asking to shoot the breeze, don’t even waste your time with them.

If you think they sincerely want to know, send them a link to your “lead capture page” that they can sign up to check it out.

In the beginning, I told people what company I worked for and guess what?

They disappeared.

They went looking on Google about the company.

No one is going to feel obligated to stick by your side and join you. They don’t even know you yet.

So, brand yourself.

Use your full name, call yourself an Entrepreneur, or whatever, but don’t say you’re distributor #435378232 for so and so company.

2. Position yourself as the Authority

Most new MLM distributors are insecure.

They don’t know what they are doing.

There’s an easy solution to fix this.

Learn everything you can about this Industry.

Then figure out what avenue you want to use to promote your business and master that platform.

If you’re an introvert, figure out Blogging.

If you’re an Extrovert, figure out video marketing and Snapchat, or whatever new app is wildly popular.

If you learn the tips and tricks of a particular platform, you can teach your new distributors those techniques as well.

There’s a fine line here.

You don’t need to jump from the latest and greatest to the newest social platform that comes out.

It seems like a new video app comes out every month now.

Settle on one that will be around for awhile and master it.

I used Twitter in the beginning and got tons of leads, even though I jumped in late.

I knew I had a good system.

Find what works and master it.

Make it simple for your team to understand it and use.

Also, most distributors call themselves a “network marketing trainer/guru” even if they have only six months experience.

Don’t fall into this trap. There’s too many so-called “Guru trainers” out there.

Specialize in a sub-niche, like helping women over 65, or helping introverts earn from home, etc.

Find a special niche to master within network marketing, not just “network marketing trainer.”

3. Master your Prospecting Tools

Every successful distributor knows how to use their “tools.”

A tool is either a short video, webinar, or capture page of your company that you share with your prospects.

Get accustomed to using just one and learn how to present it.

The first question you should ask before sharing the tool is the “invite.” Ask them something like: “Would you be interested in earning supplemental income if it didn’t interfere with what you’re already doing?” Or, this is something I use on Twitter through a direct message: “ Thanks! We’re looking for individuals who are success-driven with a desire to make Extra Income. (my link)

This message has gotten me thousands of people signing up for free to check out my opportunity.

Network marketing is about exposing your opportunity to as many people as possible, without getting attached to the outcome.

Don’t get bummed out that 50 people signed up and no one upgraded.

MLM leaders understand that it takes thousands of Leads or prospects to find a few good potential leaders.

That’s fine with MLM.

MLM is powerful and you only need a few good Leaders on your team to make great money, as long as those leaders are duplicating themselves.

Which leads into step #4.

4. Teach Duplication

Network marketing is just that, it’s “networking.”

Even if you’re an introvert, like me, you have to work with your team and get them to duplicate a simple system that you use.

Everyone should be on the same page within your organization.

If Betty is doing something totally different than Sam, your business is not going to grow as fast.

A simple system would be:

Get your new distributor to recruit 3 people.

Get your new distributor to teach those 3 people to bring in 3 people each.

Get your new distributor to teach those 3 how to bring in 3.


Of course you don’t want your distributor to try and do this all alone.

Plug your new distributors into a weekly open recruiting call that your company provides.

If everyone brings their new prospects to that call each week, your team will grow,

Residual income begins to flow when you groom a few leaders within your team that are bringing in new people themselves.

This takes time to create, but the reward is passive residual income that comes in each month.

5. Mastermind with other Leaders

Becoming successful in network marketing is about learning from other leaders. No one knows everything and shuts out the world.

The biggest leaders in the world are always learning and reading. They devour new information.

Network marketing is a serious business, if you choose to build it as a business.

Sure, you can be a customer and just enjoy the products, but if you want to make a living doing MLM, you need to mastermind with other Leaders.

Masterminding means attending all company events and webinars. It means getting out of your comfort zone.

It means being humble and learning humility.

It means becoming a selfless leader, because we truly become enriched not by the money, but by helping others achieve their dreams.

6. Consistency

People will begin to notice how serious you are about your business when they see you always showing up.

Showing up could mean posting valuable content online consistency, year after year.

Showing up means your message doesn’t waver, not a spam message, but a message of your individualism and vision for the future to stand out from the MLM pack.

Leaders inspire and build others up in their MLM business.

They don’t micromanage their teams by telling them what to do.

They inspire their teams by their actions, by always building.

Never stop building.

Your team will copy everything you do and if you only bring a few people into your MLM business and stop, then so will your distributors.

They won’t keep recruiting people if you stop.

Never stop.
Keep grinding. Keep playing your best hand.
MLM isn’t easy, but it’s way better than a 30 year dead end job.