Ways To Improve Your Business You May Not Have Considered

We all want to improve our business and take it to the next level. However, it is a lot easier said than done. You have probably read about the obvious online, for example, investing in SEO and motivating employees. We have some other pieces of advice for you.

Be more available

There is no better time than the present to begin assessing the communication systems at your business. It is believed that just less than 40% of revenue is lost because an employee is unavailable when a potential customer or business associate has called. This quite evidently showcases that companies could be missing out on a huge potential for profit if they don’t have the right telephone system in place.

It is by no means a case that there is the ‘best’ communication system and every company should use it. There are lots of good telephone systems available and the key lies within finding the best one for your company specifically. You will also need to find credible telephone system partners as well. After all, they will be responsible for the installation, maintenance, and support of your business phone system.

The biggest mistake businesses make is limiting themselves. Let’s think about it logically; as a company, what is your goal? You always want to grow. You want to attract more customers. You want to delve into other markets. You want to make a higher level of profit. Essentially, you want to expand. But if you don’t give yourself the potential to do so then you are putting stumbling blocks in your way.

This rings true for your telephone system as well. If you don’t have the option of extra lines or extensions then what are you going to do if someone new is employed? Or what will you do if you expand your offices? Or you may find your customer calls are a lot more frequent than anticipated, how can you manage this if you don’t have substantial lines?

Not only this, but you need to have a telephone system that’s flexible and versatile. A virtual phone system that gives you the ability to market effectively by leaving voicemails without calling and such like is a must. It’s not just about customer service, it is about lead generation.

You need to be certain that if you buy any new products they can easily be integrated into the system being utilised at the moment. For example, you may decide several years down the line that you want to buy a door phone. However, if this is not compatible with your phone system, then you will have mass trouble trying to find a way around it.

Not only do you need to find a telephone system that gives you the potential to grow, but you also need to find credible telephone system suppliers. If you get both of these components right then you are definitely onto a winning formula.

When seeking a company it is pivotal that they have had experience in the industry – anything over 10 years is great. Not only this, but they should have many different phone systems so that they cater to all. The best suppliers will also provide you with great aftercare and technical support. After all, it is crucial that a problem can be quickly and easily resolved should one occur. Furthermore, make sure they have vast experience in cabling as this is integral for the efficiency of your business phone system.

Market with corporate clothing

In the current day and age you need to use all the tools at your disposal in order to ensure you promote your business efficiently and effectively. It is all about standing out from the crowd. You need to use every method possible if you want your business to be recognized, your brand image to be strengthened, and your level of customers to increase.

One way of doing this is through the implementation of a corporate uniform. This can offer a lot of great plus points to your business in the form of increased employee morale and a more relaxing customer experience. Nevertheless, when it comes to promotion, there is a lot to love about this method. Read on to discover why corporate clothing is a great way of marketing your business in the modern time…

When it comes to advertising it is very much a case of the more the better. The more exposure you get; the more people begin to discover your company; and consequently the more people who turn into customers too. This is essentially what a corporate uniform offers.

It is another way of displaying your brand and therefore is a marvelous method of marketing. All you need to do is consider how many people your employees are going to pass day by day. They will be advertising your business before and after business hours and of course during them too. When you think about the number of people your employees can pass on a daily basis you see the monumental scope for effective promotion.

In addition to this, making people aware of your company is one thing, yet they also need to view your business in a positive light as well. Thankfully corporate clothing offers this opportunity. It looks a lot more sophisticated, suave, and professional in comparison to a business who does not implement a dress code at all.

Because of this, people are much more likely to view your company in a better light. They will see you as of a higher authority, yet more trustworthy and professional too. It is also worth bearing in mind the fact that corporate uniforms tend to make employees feel more valued and unified. Because of this they will be a lot more positive. Others will notice this and they will assume that you operate a happy working environment. This again heightens the trust generated from customers because of the corporate uniforms.

Aside from the points already mentioned, there is the stereotypical viewpoint that all companies who implement a business uniform are large and credible. This should be used to your advantage because it means that it boosts customers trust and confidence in your company. A lot of people also tend to associate branded products with higher quality, and so people will deem your business to be one of a high standard too.

Invest in compliance auditing

Many companies have various deals with a whole host of stores that promise to stock their product. These deals may have differing terms and agreements and thus it can quite often be difficult to keep on top of everything. Nevertheless, you need to employ a company to carry out compliance auditing in order to check that the stores in question are upholding their side of the deal. After all, if a particular store is not upholding the rules of the contract then you may find that your product sales have been suffering as a result.

There are companies that go years without realising that their goods are getting stocked at the top of shelf, when the agreement was for them to be in the middle. This is something which can have a more detrimental impact than you may imagine because consumers are more likely to pick up a product from a rival brand which is in reachable distance instead of going for your company’s good.

Companies who offer compliance auditing not only offer trained staff, but they have the time and the experience to carry out the process thoroughly. They will assess all ends of your contract. This means that they will check to see that the products are stocked in the store. They will check to ensure that the products are available.

They will check to see whether price compliance has been upheld – both the displayed price and the scanned price. They will also check to see where on the shelves the product is situated and if they are any offers. They will assess promotional compliance and they will also gather information regarding your competitors – where their products are shelved in comparison to yours and so on and so forth.

Once the auditing has been completed, a good outcome will be one which shows that everything is in order and that the contract has been upheld. However, if that is not the case then good companies do not merely stop their work there.

They will analyse all of the data and they will make sure to fix any areas which are not compliant. If there have been any issues then it is likely that the store will take extra special care in order to uphold their contract from now on as they will know you are keeping a check on it. This ensures that you are operating effectively and you are maximizing your ROI (return of investment).

It is important to remember that the compliance auditing carried out is only as good as those who do it and the checklist they have. The auditor needs to be completely knowledgeable and must have a copy of the contract between the two companies. Their research must be thorough and extensive and their results must be captured as proof.

If you have contracts with other companies and stores then it is very much recommended that you seek a company for compliance auditing in order to ensure that the contracts are being upheld and that no money is being lost.

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