4 eCommerce Shop Benefits From Package Shipping Companies

ecommerce business benefits package shipping company global shipments

Managing an eCommerce business is a hard task to handle. It surely comes with a fair share of challenges, and logistics is one of the toughest ones. And if you are operating your e-commerce shop globally, it becomes even more of a challenge. You have to make sure your shipments will reach your clients in excellent condition, on time, and at reasonable costs. As it probably has the biggest impact on your business reputation, it requires your utmost attention and usually, a lot of money.

Excellent shipping services might cost a fortune for e-commerce stores. Whether you are offering free or discounted shipping to your clients, we all know that you are the one who is paying for it. So, you need to know how to get the best out of the package shipping company you are working or planning to work with, as carriers might often offer a lot of additional perks in order to have you as a long-term partner.

Here we have outlined 4 basic small business tips on how to make the most out of working with a shipping company for your eCommerce business.

1. Stop Overpaying

Saving on shipping costs is great and it should be one of your top priorities if you are a savvy businessperson. And the best way to avoid boosted shipping costs is to find the cheapest shipping carrier. However, this carrier also must meet your other business needs, such as delivery times, and shipping quality. What is the point of paying less for shipping, if poor service quality and late deliveries result in ruining your business’ reputation? It must follow your business standards, but also keep up with your budget.

To choose quality shipping service for reasonable costs, choose a few reputable shipping companies and compare their pricing. You can do it via price comparison tools online, but the best way of doing it is to quote each shipper specifying your business needs. Having a bunch of offers from different carriers will allow making the smartest choice in order to save money.

2. Choose A Carrier Based On Your Market

The best way to choose a reliable shipping company is to go with a well-known courier like DHL or FedEx. But if your shipments have a specific route, it is better to go with a carrier specializing in this exact direction. For example, your business is in the United States, but purchases of your products also come from Poland. This means that constant shipping to Poland is required for your business to reach its Polish market. Therefore, it would be wise to choose a shipping company that specializes in shipping to this specific direction route.

Following this logic is beneficial in several ways. First, you will probably pay less for shipping services. Secondly, the delivery times will be much shorter. And finally, the service quality might be better, as the package shipping company specializing in the specific route will probably have smoother shipping processes and quick answers to your questions compared to those shipping to every country in the world.

3. Don’t Ignore Free Benefits

If you want to benefit from a package shipping company, you must consider what additional value they offer. Usually, each shipping company has some benefits for free to have you as a long-term partner. Take that into account when comparing shipping rates, because lower costs might not always mean the decision is financially smart.

Some package shipping companies offer such benefits as free package shipping insurance covering your product in case something goes wrong, free package pick-up service, and a free 24/7 package tracking option. You should also consider whether the shipper has convenient drop-off points next to your office, a friendly and helpful customer support team (not a chatbot) and offers compensations for late deliveries. Having all this will not only save you money but will improve the package delivery experience for your customers as well.

4. Negotiate, Negotiate, Negotiate

It is important for you to understand that as much as you need a reliable package shipping company operating together with your business, they need you as a long-term partner and client as well. So, you are free to benefit from that.

When you get an offer from a shipping company, do not consider it as a definite. If you want better rates, package insurance, or other extra perks, simply ask for it. If they won’t agree, you can go with another package shipping company with better conditions or simply accept the primary offer.

The Bottom Line

To get the best out of a package shipping company you work with, don’t simply follow the tips listed above. You should be flexible and should always look for flexible partners in your business. This way you will find the perfect balance between high service quality, reasonable shipping rates, and a positive customer experience. Don’t take risks or cut corners when it comes to your e-commerce product shipments!