What Are the Advantages of Online Internet Faxing?

advantages online faxes internet faxing vs traditional fax

Did you know that there are still around 17 million fax machines in the United States? In the day of self-drive cars and space tourism, one can’t help but wonder how this archaic machine still has a place in business. 

Perhaps most people aren’t aware of the advantages of internet faxing. Luckily, you’ve found yourself in the right place. Check out these amazing benefits of online faxing and leave your fax machine in the 1950s where it belongs. Here are the fax facts on internet faxing:

Send and Receive Faxes Anywhere

One of the top benefits of online faxing is that you’re not limited by a physical machine’s location. You can stay on top of important work, receiving and sending faxes wherever you are. This is priceless in today’s fast-paced world. 

As long as you’ve got an internet connection and a smartphone, you’re good to go. This is fantastic for remote workers, digital nomads, and workaholics!

Environmentally Friendly 

Traditional faxing machines use so much paper. It simply isn’t conducive to the technology and eco-friendly mentality of today. It is our personal responsibility and the responsibility of industries to go green and choose eco-friendly solutions. Online faxing is a paperless solution. 

You can send, receive, and sign, documents online. No more need for printing hundreds of hard copy pages. 

Keeps Work Organized 

If you receive plenty of faxes, it’s difficult to keep track of all the hard copy papers floating around. Hopefully, you have a fantastic filing system or an assistant to help you out. But if not, you’re likely drowning in papers and always struggling to find the documents you need. 

Faxing online is a simple and convenient way to keep your documents organized and available. It uses cloud storage and keeps everything in one place. So, rather than shuffling through hundreds of pieces of paper, you can simply search for your document in your cloud storage. Nifty, right?

Improved Security 

Modern faxing technology is convenient and accessible. But most importantly, it offers enhanced security. When you use the best fax app for your faxing needs, you can be sure that the security controls are top-notch. Internet faxing is encrypted and cloud storage is certainly more secure than your office drawers. 

You can rest assured that sensitive documents won’t fall into the wrong hands. 

Saves Money

Lastly, a massive advantage of online faxing is that it is cost-effective. Say goodbye to all the costly expenses related to traditional faxing such as paper, ink cartridges, and machine maintenance. With internet faxing, you save on all the operating costs. 

The only cost to your business will be your internet faxing subscription. You’ll be able to shop around for the best fax deals and providers and save yourself hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each year.

Internet Faxing for the Modern Business 

There’s no denying the advantages of internet faxing for any modern-day business. Save money, support eco-friendly solutions and benefit from convenience, accessibility, and security. Is there any reason to still stick with your old fax machine? Absolutely not! Internet faxes are where it’s at now for superior business communication.

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