4 Business Benefits Of A Remote Workforce

benefits of a workforce

Due to changing technology and the advancements of modern businesses, more and more companies are seeing the benefits of hiring remotely. Or companies are letting their existing staff members work from home, at least for some of the time.

It can feel daunting as a business owner, not having staff there that you can physically oversee, but it can actually be one of the best things you can do for your company. Here are 4 reasons to consider a remote workforce.

1. Less expensive premises

When you have employees working for your business, you need to make sure there is enough space for everyone. This means that as your company grows, you are constantly moving to larger premises.

Not only is this expensive but it is a hassle for everyone involved and you are almost certainly going to reduce workflow. When some or all of your employees work remotely, you need much smaller premises which can save you money. Particularly if you are situated in a large city where rents can be sky high.

2. Hire based on talent

When you hire for a position in your company, you are usually limited to the people that live in or around the area as they need to be able to physically be able to get to the workplace.

When you hire remotely, you can choose candidates based on the best talent. Your selection pool isn’t limited to your area and you can hire employees from around the globe. This allows you to build an incredibly strong workforce, and can massively set you apart from your competitors.

3. Reduced worker stress

Long commutes, inflexible hours, distracting colleagues and bosses who like to micromanaged are all rated as things that cause significant stress to employees.

When you allow your employees to work from home, you completely avoid all of this. Provide each worker with their tasks for the day and the deadline, and they can get things done in their own time.

They don’t have to get up two hours earlier in the morning to get ready and go on a stressful commute. They are in their own relaxed environment and don’t have anyone breathing down their neck.

Providing the work is all being done, and is at the standard you would expect then there is no hassle to you whether they are in the office or at home. A company like Outplacement solutions can ensure that remote workers are being as efficient as possible, which is one less thing for you to do personally.

4. Less employee days off

Things like employee illness and sick days can be bad news for businesses. These unplanned days off can put extra pressure on other staff members and reduce productivity.

However, employees that work from home are less likely to take time off even when they are unwell. Think about it, when you have a stomach bug, a cold or a flu, you often take the day off because you can’t bear the thought of the travel or don’t want to infect other staff members.

When you are working from home you don’t have that problem and so can often work through minor illnesses. The same applies to things like bad weather, broken down cars and unreliable public transport.

Without these added hassles, workers are more likely to be on time and will take less time off. That is something significant to keep in mind when you are considering a home based workforce! WFH can work well if you allow it too.