What Does A Workers Compensation Attorney Do?

what does a workers' compensation attorney do lawyer settlements litigation

Hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer is essential. An attorney can help you understand medical jargon, file paperwork and prepare for case hearings and trials.

Insurance representatives may deny your claim or make getting the necessary benefits difficult. Fortunately, your skilled and experienced attorney can fight back against these legal issues.

You Have a Work-Related Injury

A lawyer for workers comp will help you file a claim, obtain medical evidence to support your case and negotiate a settlement. They will also represent you at a hearing before a workers’ compensation law judge.

Sadly, employers and insurance companies often make mistakes in determining liability or denying legitimate claims. This is mainly because they are concerned with their financial bottom line and may cut corners in investigating the injury, take too long to process the claim or reject it for dubious reasons.

A top-level workers’ comp attorney has superior negotiation skills based on accurate assessments of what a case is truly worth, not inflated figures. They will recognize when a “final offer” isn’t. They will know when an “offer final” isn’t. A settlement agreement can have a negative impact on your Social Security Disability benefits. A workers’ compensation attorney can streamline processes by coordinating work and medical records between the attorney handling your claim for disability benefits.

You Have a Pre-Existing Condition

Before the 2010 Affordable Care Act, insurers could deny coverage, require a wait period, or increase premiums for those with pre-existing conditions. Workers’ compensation claims are no different in 2024. A skilled attorney can guide you through workers’ compensation laws and help prove that an injury or illness at work aggravated your pre-existing condition.

Workers’ compensation lawyers can help you negotiate a settlement based on a realistic assessment of your case, not some inflated number. Look for an attorney who works on a contingent basis so you won’t pay upfront legal fees. Your lawyer will only be paid if they successfully get you the compensation you deserve for your injury. Your workers’ compensation lawyer can appeal your settlement if you’re unsatisfied.

You have a claim against a third-party

Workers’ compensation attorneys can assist you in filing a claim for damages against third parties who were negligent and caused your injury. Subcontractors, vendors and product manufacturers can all be included. These can be subcontractors, vendors or other individuals on your job site.

An experienced lawyer from a firm like Larrimer & Larrimer will help you appeal a decision denying your claim for workers’ compensation to a full hearing before a workers’ comp law judge. They will present evidence, witness testimony and expert testimony on your behalf.

Compare attorneys based on their experience, reputation and responsiveness. A good attorney will be able to negotiate effectively based on a realistic assessment of the value of your case: no inflated numbers or pipe dreams. You can expect them to promptly return your calls, texts and emails and meet you personally. It is especially important if you have a serious injury.

You Have a Permanent or Serious Injury

A workers’ compensation lawyer can help you get long-term benefits if your injury is permanent or severe. A workers’ compensation attorney can help you to negotiate a fair settlement. They understand how insurance companies work and can identify bogus offers, such as “final” offers that are still being decided.

Some injuries are easy to prove with medical documentation and X-rays, but others, especially soft tissue injuries and mental trauma, can be more difficult. A workers’ comp lawyer can work with qualified specialists to develop compelling medical evidence of your damage.

The workers’ comp system is intended to provide prompt and reasonable compensation to injured employees. Unfortunately, the system is flawed; many employers or insurance companies deny claims. A seasoned workers’ comp attorney can tilt the scales in your favor and win you the benefits you deserve. They typically charge a contingent fee that ranges from 10% to 33% of the total award you receive. They can take depositions, perform legal research and write pleadings for court hearings.