What Happened to Agel

what happened to agel

What Happened to Agel: MLM News 2016

People are asking, What Happened to Agel? It seems the company is going through some changes. Agel is a network marketing company based out of Utah and was founded in 2005.

Agel is a network marketing company that offers a variety of products, but their most important product uses Suspension Gel Technology, which is a gel that encapsulates natural ingredients which can be orally used or topically used.

Looking into the company further, I found Agel has many different lines of product, from skincare to the nutritional gels.

Usually a company that has many different products have to compete with other companies that have specialized more extensively in that product niche.

Example: Agel has a skincare product that has to compete with Avon and Amway, who spend millions of dollars and have specific labs dedicated to advanced skin research.

In fact, Avon just had a breakthrough at their Avon Skincare Institute.

Two of their scientists, who are devoted to skincare evolution at Avon, have unveiled a big piece of the skincare puzzle recently.

Simply put: Agel cannot compete.

It’s important for network marketing companies to focus on one product line and master it. Another example of bad business is Skinny Body Care, a network marketing company that has a weight loss product, but expanded to skincare as well.

Too many skincare products on the market dilutes the market.

Also, Agel is expensive to join. Their product is close to $1,000 if you join as a distributor. I may be wrong, but this is what I have seen in reports.

Randy Gage leaves Agel

Breaking News; Randy Gage Leaves Agel

Randy Gage is a professional network marketer and trainer.

He has been with Agel since the beginning. Randy consistently makes over $1 million a year in network marketing and has authored numerous New York Times Best Selling books, including Risky is the New Safe.

Randy Gage supposedly left Agel over late Bonus payments.

This is a huge red flag for the company.

The most common signal that an MLM company is in trouble is when they are late on paying their distributors.

Randy leaving Agel will have serious implications; one, other distributors in Randy’s organization will follow because they look up to him, and two, Agel will be recognized now as not making payments, which will hurt the overall situation of the company. People will leave Agel in droves if Agel does not act fast.

**Update on Agel – July 2nd, 2016**

Agel has been bought by Merger & Acquisition company JRjr33, doing business as JRJR Networks.

JRJR has been very successful in the last year, with revenue up 40% to almost 140 million in 2015, by purchasing trouble Direct Selling companies.

Founder and Viceman, John Rochon Jr., states that these companies that are acquired retain their compensation structure, products and other aspects of the original business.

JRJR has also improved the supply chain of Agel into their 40 markets and has added a new product line called Caspi.

With this news, I feel more confident in the stability in Agel. Although, things still seem uncertain. We will see what happens in the next year or so. . .

The New Paradigm for MLM

The new paradigm of MLM is much more efficient. New MLM companies are hitting the marketplace with a competitive edge.

  1. They have an automated email system which helps new distributors recruit.
  2. The MLM company operates in the “cloud” which saves millions of dollars on operating costs.
  3. The MLM company offers new distributors not only their personal website, but “Lead Capture Pages” where prospects can sign up to take a free tour before upgrading to a “paid member.”
  4. They have one product line that they focus on and spend significant research on perfecting it.
  5. Ideally, they have a first-to-market product that has little competition.

They are also very affordable for people who have never made any money before in MLM and who want another chance with an entry-level MLM.

They have all the tools that MLM distributors need to build a successful MLM company, including awesome capture pages, automated email system that helps distributors upgrade their prospects, and they even offer fresh, interviewed MLM leads right in your back office.



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