What Is A Mixed-Use Development?

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Mixed-use developments are popping up, and have been, all over the country in different cities. They may even be in places where you expect them the least. A mixed-use development is one that provides more than one purpose within a shared space or area of development. This can include combinations of houses, retail, medical, and recreational spaces. These areas vary in size from a retail space that is on the bottom to and living space on top. It can be much bigger such as the entire community that is a village unto itself with everything the community needs in place. Legacy Homes is a Huntsville home builder that offers a mixed-use community that offers something in the middle.

This community is welcoming to pedestrians with its large sidewalks and walkways. It is a planned community that intends to build community interaction as well as benefiting the community, economy, health, and the environment as a whole. This has become a popular word, but it may be a bit confusing to some. Regardless of how the term is used in your area, there are some similarities between most mixed-use developments. These areas encourage more activity for residents in the area. They are found to have more active hours for longer portions of the day. This gives you closer proximity to stores and the shopping that you want to do. Retail is incorporated seamlessly into the housing giving the residents a completely different lifestyle than is common in a suburban area.

There are several different types of mixed-use developments. The first is a vertical mixed-use development, which is known for combining different types of uses, retail or office space, etc, within the same building. This style gives residents more public use on the bottom floor, such as retail, businesses, and restaurants. This also means that the top floor is intended for more residential use, like hotels, apartments, and offices.

Horizontal mixed-use development is one that has single-use buildings that are zoned for specific purposes. This allows for a large portion of land to be used for one specific project. A mixed-use walkable area development is one that includes both horizontal and vertical development in the same area. This provides about a 10-minute walk to one’s core means of activities.

When looking for a home builder near me, be sure to include Legacy Homes in your search to find out all that a mixed-use development has to offer. They offer Boardwalk, which is the latest mixed-use community. These homes are energy efficient with open floor plans, flexible rooms, kitchen islands, patios, and so much more. These houses provide you a perfect blend of design, value, and location for valuable real estate.

This community offers Cottage and Craftsman-style homes that include garages in the back. This community has sidewalks that are 5 feet wide and streets that are lined with trees. There is a park coming right next door that includes walking trails, shade trees, lawns, and playground areas. It is surrounded by schools, shopping, and restaurants which makes it the perfect property for mixed use development.