What Is an AuraTransformation?

Indigo children and Crystal children have special powers they are born with, but now adults can integrate those powers with an AuraTransformation. So, what is an AuraTransformation?

We all want Inner Peace. We are all on a journey through life that will hopefully take it to a road full of fun and joy. Sadly, that is not what happens for most of us.

Most of us endure trauma and pain through our lives. When we do find Inner Peace, we are already too damaged from painful past memories to truly enjoy our current being.

But what if there was a way to learn to live in the present and not forget the past? That’s where AuraTransformation comes in.

With AuraTransformation, you can find your Inner Peace and harness it. Then, when the awful parts of life bang on your door, you will have the tools to not let them in.

AuraTransformation Definition: AuraTransformation is a treatment that is designed to activate New Time energy.

After you complete your treatment or AuraTransformation, you will experience a change in the way your body expresses its charismatic drive.

In essence, you will change the way your body communicates. That outward expression will directly show the Inner Peace you now hold. Of course those results are not guaranteed, but that is the results that the AuraTransformation was designed for.

You Are More Than Just Your Body

Inside everyone, is a spirit. Your body is simply a vessel that acts as a transport for your spiritual being. You body will not last forever.

Many believe your spirit is immortal. Sadly, most of us go through life merely thriving and maintaining our bodies. With AuraTransformation you can revive your spirit and learn to maintain your body and become connected to your spirit.

You Can Go On

The heart does go on. It is connected to your spirit. It is up to you to unlock the door and see what is behind it. AuraTransformation is the key.

See, our negative experiences cause a shift in our energy. That causes our energy to fuel our bodies with hidden thoughts and cause you to do things your true self would never do.

When you become more focused, you can then control that energy and use it as fuel to ignite your body with peace that is then exuded when you come in contact with others.

AuraTransformation is not a pill. It is not a quick fix for all of life’s problems. It is a key to the door of your own inner strength and energy. It is up to you to turn the key and peak inside and find your true self.

When you accept the transformative powers of AuraTransformation, you will then be connected to a mediator who will help you on your journey of self-discovery.

We are all going down a yellow brick road. We will all encounter tornados on that road that will take us on the next step of our journey. When you connect with an auramediator, you are choosing to take the hand of someone already inside the tornado and guide you towards the next step on your life journey.

The Crystallization Process

We think that our body is on a journey. However, it is our spirit that we are really searching for. Like what Dorothy found, the power is all really inside of us. Still, we must embark on a journey to discover it.

That’s where the power of AuraTransformation lies.

Fairytales are not merely stories, they are universal truths that are aligning the physics of this world to our own chakras. They are as much a part of self-discovery as traveling down your own road. While experiencing them you are learning more about yourself.

It’s a Matter of Self Defense

When you are discovering your spirit, you will become better able to protect your peace. As you meander through the rest of your life-journey, you will no longer be subject to verbal and emotional attack.

Yes, your abusers will still continue to try to hurt you. However, when you begin the journey to AuraTransformation, you will unlock a door to becoming emotionally inoculated against the tyrants and toxic humans who wish to hurt you.

Do not think they will stop trying to emotionally scar you. They will continue to try. However, your Inner Peace will become as such that they cannot find a host inside you for their emotionally spearing.

Perhaps they will give up and walk away. That is very unlikely as if they have been able to penetrate your emotional well-being in the past, they will not be quick to give up being able to hurt you in the future. That is their nature. It is not for you to judge their nefarious behavior.

You can only control yourself. With AuraTransformation, you will learn to connect your spirit to your body. When you do this, you will no longer succumb to their emotional attacks. You will be free from the pain they will to inflict on you. You will become the sole proprietor of your soul.

The Aura Structure

When you are ready to embark on your journey to spiritual enlightenment, you should know that you already have an aura color.

To see which color you exude, you should set up a mirror with a light colored backdrop. Pay close attention. At first it will be clear, but you should be able to see what color belongs to your aura.

Aura Colors

A blue aura describes a person with high intelligence. Green means a love for money or growth. Purple means royalty. Turquoise means you are a healer.

Silver says that you are either high tech or glamorous. Red is either a sign of anger or love and pink is very feminine and full of compassion.

Other colors are yellow, orange, gold, brown, tan, gray, black and white.

When you are having an AuraTransformation, you will get an in-depth review of your aura color and if you want to, learn how to change it. Your aura color can be transformed.

When you sign-up to meet with an aura mediator, you are meeting with a person trained to help you on your spiritual journey.

We are all here to learn from the pains of life. With a life-coach, you can be better prepared to walk into the next tornado that will take you on the next stop on your journey.

Just reading this article means that you are ready to take the next step on your journey. When you sign up to meet with an aura mediator, you are asking for a hand that will help you unveil your spirit that will connect with your body and take you on the next stop on your life journey. Awaken your chakras when you meet with one.

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