What Is The Most Affordable Mercedes-Benz Vehicle?

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When someone hears the words Mercedes-Benz, they automatically think of the word expensive, and for good reasons. A Benz is one of the most luxury cars you can find in the world today, and they have one of the highest retail prices on the market. However, there is an affordable type that exists, which costs thousands less than other models – the A-Class model Mercedes Benz. In this car guide, we are going to talk about the Mercedes Benz A-Class and see why it is the most affordable model made by the Mercedes company.

It Is A Sedan-Type Vehicle

One of the greatest things about a Mercedes A-Class is it features some of the most advanced automatic all-wheel drive systems out there in other models. This sedan is however, the lowest priced model, at an average retail suggested price of $32,500. This car is a little smaller than the other models as well, and it has many features. Some of these vehicles features include:

• Heated Seats

• Blind Spot and Smart Backup Systems

• KEYLESS-GO (the ability to drive it without keys)

• Some of them have garage door openers built into them, and they can have amazing finish as well.

Excellent Reliability

Mercedes has some of the world’s best first-class reliability ratings with their vehicles. In Europe, they have the highest NCAP rating. You also get some amazing features that make them more reliable as well, such as attention assist that can actually help to keep a sleepy driver awake, and have speed limit suggestion assistance. Their parts are also known to last for a very long time, making them one of the most reliable vehicles in the world. Other companies simply can’t compare to the amount of safety that a Mercedes Benz can provide to the driver, and even to pedestrians in the event of an accident. Chances are you won’t need your Mercedes A Class to get towed and transported due to mechanical issues.

Made For Precision Driving

Some vehicles are touchy when it comes to steering, and they have a high turn radius. With the latest technology, you can always count on your Benz to help you achieve any type of turn you need, and have complete accuracy, as well as aided steering that can help ensure that your car turns when it needs to. Another thing is the electronics are also the top of the line systems – all the way from the digital displays to the stereos that are built in them.

Speaking Of Stereo

Mercedes-Benz uses one of the best sound systems in the world with special technology. The sound that people can get from a digital processor amplifier and 14 amazing speakers provide a complete 360 degree surround sound into one vehicle. This means that you can listen to anything in complete surround sound, and with the proper equalization.


There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t buy a class A model from Mercedes-Benz. These cars make an excellent addition to your showroom, or even to your luxury family driving experience. Your loved ones deserve to be treated and pampered when they drive, and so do you. And the Class A Mercedes is one of the best that you can get for the lower price compared to other models since it has so many of their features.