What Makes An Employment Lawyer Great?

what makes employment lawyer great attorney

An employment lawyer is a legal professional that specialises in employment and labour. When you’re dealing with a workplace-related issue, you might need to hire an employment lawyer to take legal action against your employer.

With the help of a qualified lawyer, you could gain compensation for unfair treatment in the workplace, poor working conditions, or wrongful dismissal. However, you will need to make sure you hire the best lawyer for the job to maximise your chances of being successful in your compensation claim and winning a substantial amount of money.

To help make finding the perfect employment lawyer easier for you, here are some key things that make such lawyers great. These are the things to look out for during your research for an employment attorney.

A Successful Record

Another key factor to consider when finding the perfect employment lawyer is success rates. A great lawyer will face a relatively high success rate, meaning they have managed to win most of their client’s cases.

They will also have a diverse portfolio that showcases their adaptability and professionalism. You can learn about a lawyer’s portfolio by reading their website or researching them online. For example, you can learn about HKM employment lawyers at HKM.com. You could also ask them directly about their experience and the previous cases they have covered.


All qualified lawyers just have a license to practice before they can accept work. To obtain a license, they must first gain a degree at law school.

So, every practising lawyer you come across will have the same initial qualifications. However, many lawyers specialise in very specific areas of the law and may gain further qualifications to enhance their repertoire.

It is important to consider the unique qualifications that each employment layer or wrongful termination lawyer has before choosing who to hire to ensure you work with the best person.

Great Communication

Communicating with clients, judges, juries, employers, police, and insurance companies is part and parcel of an employment lawyer’s role. Therefore, strong communication skills are a must.

You can gauge a lawyer’s communication skills during your initial consultation with them. Take note of how they conduct themselves and how clear they are when speaking to you.

Prior to a face-to-face meeting with a labour law expert, you can gather details about the effectiveness of their communication through phone calls or emails. A lawyer with strong communication skills will be quick to respond, honest, and to the point.


Although employment lawyers must remain professional and unbiased at all times when dealing with a sensitive case, they must also show empathy towards their clients. Employment-related issues can be stressful and emotionally taxing. It is important that you choose a lawyer who understands how difficult your situation is and can offer a supporting hand when you need it most.

Your chosen lawyer should be honest and transparent about your situation while also showing their human side. It is a fine balance that only the very best lawyers can achieve.