Why Isn’t My Team Duplicating?

The most exciting aspect of building a network marketing business is when your team starts building and your residual income explodes. But, many distributors can’t get duplication. So, Why Isn’t My Team Duplicating?

There can be many reasons your team is not duplicating. I will go over the top 3 reasons below:

One – Too New

The new people that you recruit usually need at least a month to get their product, to fully digest the compensation plan and company structure, and to position themselves to promote and build their own business.

These new distributors, if serious about building a real network marketing business, need to line up a lot of variables before fully launching.

Some of the best leaders I have in my business took 3 months to 6 months to fully get engaged in recruiting and building their own team.

A few people didn’t start recruiting until after a year being in the business because their situations changed and they needed money. You can never predict what people will do in your business, but that can be a really good thing also.

Two – Need to Recruit More

Unfortunately, most people that join your network marketing opportunity won’t do anything for a ton of reasons, life gets in the way, they lose motivation, they can’t generate leads, they still subconsciously don’t believe in the business model, or they decide to just use the product instead of promoting it.

People quit things, especially things that take serious work. There was a statistic floating around a few years ago that 97% will quit network marketing within a year or two. The good news is that you only need a handful of leaders on your team to make 6 to 7 figures a year!

So, MLM is a numbers game and you’ll probably have to recruit 50 to 100 people to find a few serious team builders. Once you get a few builders going it will also cause more momentum and excitement for the entire team.

Three – Mindset

If your mindset in network marketing is “I hope this thing works” or “I’ll give this a shot but it’s probably a scam” then the quality of people you bring into your business will have the same attitude. People are essentially mirrors of ourselves and if you don’t believe in the company or even yourself, you will attract the same type of people.

To improve your mindset and belief about MLM watch MLM trainers on YouTube, like Eric Worre and Todd Falcone, and read Go Pro by Eric Worre.

Network marketing is a serious profession and generates over $200 Billion a year in sales with 100 million distributors globally. If you take your business seriously and commit to 3 to 5 years of solid effort you could be sitting on a gold mine and be making over $100k a month.

When I started network marketing in 2014 I watched all the training I could on YouTube and took copious notes as if I were in college. I wanted to grasp this profession and master it as much as i could.

Three years later it paid off and leaders started to reach out to me to join my business, instead of the “get-rich-quick” crowd I attracted the first two years.

Your MLM business is like a snowball. It will take all your effort in the beginning to build the snowball. But, eventually people will come help you push it down the hill and eventually you’ll have thousands of people pushing this massive snowball with you.

The money will no longer just come from your efforts, but from thousands of team members reordering each month and building their own teams.

This is where true passive income comes from. MLM leaders can make $20k a week whether they work 20 hours a week or none, because the money is coming from a team that is growing on it’s own now, which is a truly amazing feeling! I will never go back to a traditional job because of this.

I hope you enjoyed this. If you are looking to start network marketing for the first time or you are an experienced network marketer looking for a new home, visit our MLM page now.

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