Why Some Network Marketing Leaders Lie – MLM Dishonesty

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Reasons Some MLM Leaders Are Dishonest About Their Business.

Network marketing is big business and there are great leaders and some not. Find out, Why Some Network Marketing Leaders Lie.

Network marketing is about networking with others to achieve a common goal: to promote products or services of MLM companies and generate residual income and wealth.

Network marketing is $180+ Billion dollar industry, but like most competitive industries, MLM has a high failure rate.

97% quit after the first year.

Like with competitive sports, there are many big dreamers who want to “go pro” someday, but the reality is, you need an insane work ethic to achieve that, which many dreamers don’t have.

This is why distributors lie

Many network marketers start out not knowing the reality of this business, so they turn to desperate measures and start hyping their opportunity:

“Make $69 an hour, starting today.” or “Earn up to $3,000 a day”

These messages are all over social media.

You’ve seen the GIF’s and the Pics of people holding a fan of hundred dollar bills, asking if anyone is interested to “DM” them.

This kind of hype is prevalent and gives network marketing a bad name and this tactic barely works.

People that do fall for this hype end up quitting anyways, because they realize it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme.

So, that leads us back to square one: network marketing is a real profession that takes proper due diligence to make it work.

It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, but if you look at the income earning potential of network marketing as opposed to your job, you will discover that MLM is a better choice to getting financial security.

This is why Leaders lie

Here’s another ugly tactic used by some leaders in network marketing. . .

There’s usually a few of them that herd together.

They talk about how the product changed their life and their parent’s life and their friend’s life.

Everywhere they go they live by the word of this company’s product.

It’s a story of change and transformation close to biblical proportions. . .

They attract hundreds of followers. . .

They conduct tearful testimonial webinars. . .

They plaster their social media with before and after photos. . .

Then a year or two later. . .

They are talking about a new company.

Their entire story has changed to fit around this new product.

Again, it’s a story of change and transformation close to biblical proportions. . .

These leaders are not really leaders but pump and dump brokers for MLM.

Pump and dump is what penny stock investors do, remember Wolf on Wall Street?

They hyped up a new penny stock, because fluctuating the price of a penny stock is easy because these stocks don’t have a lot of capitol, so they would get investors to buy a lot of this stock.

And, when the price soars, the so-called leaders get out and make a killing. . .

It’s not exactly the same for MLM Leaders. . .

They usually mean well, but their stories are crafted specifically for that company. . .

If something happens though. . .

These so-called Leaders are onto something new in a heartbeat, with a better testimonial than the last one.

The point is:

Network marketing companies have a product or service that people can truly transform their current situation with, either physically with the product, or financially through the business opportunity.

There are honest people in Direct Selling who support their families through their commissions.

There are aspiring Entrepreneurs from poor countries that changed their lives through network marketing.

And, there are millions of real stories of how someone transformed their health using an MLM product. . .

There’s always going to be a dark side to any industry. . .

From the Financial markets to the NBA, there will always be the genuine leaders and the bad boys and then the real bad boys. . .


The point of this article is to prepare you for any drama that might occur in your business.

There’s no reason to freak out and quit because of a few people.

I have heard of many stories in network marketing where some leaders take half the organization with them, but the true leaders who do stay always replace those who left.

Yes, it’s scary when big changes happen in business, but if the company is truly committed to their products, then they are not going anywhere.

You are also a leader and set an example for your entire downline.

Be the one who stands up and says that you are committed no matter what. . .

That you are dependable and a true MLM leader.

There’s only drama in network marketing when you buy into drama.

If drama doesn’t exist in your life, it’s because you made a decision long time ago to not play that card in direct selling.

And, life begins to emanate brilliance.

Beautiful people flock together and integrity just is a normal part of MLM and life in general.