How To Put Cannabutter in Coffee

For my wife and I, cannabis in the form of CBD oil (cannabidiol) has infused a lot of our life together – and we love it in all its forms: leaf, concentrate, topical and edible!

One way we like to ingest marijuana is by putting some ‘cannabutter’, which is regular dairy butter that contains some degree of liquid marijuana concentrate, in our morning coffee; it is a great way to enjoy coffee, because you get some of the morning coffee buzz with the mellowing effect of marijuana, and likely some pain relief from the CBD within the cannabutter! The benefits of adding CBD oil to other helpful compounds is a well-known phenomenon that will improve your mood and wellness upon waking or throughout the day!

It is pretty easy to dose, depending upon whether you want more caffeination alertness over cannabis relaxation, by varying the ratio of cannabutter to coffee! You also want to consider how much cannabis you care consuming through other means like edibles, tinctures, and hollow tip carts (which are very potent). You may only need a little extra cannabutter in your caffeinated cup of Joe!

Depending on that dosage ratio of caffeine and cannabis, the effects of both seem to slowly wear off together, so generally I find no after effects of coffee jitters or nausea (though we also use coffee creamer or even milk to dilute our coffee somewhat, so the cannabis butter not so harsh)!

Plus, it certainly helps me get focused yet stay relaxed when I am doing work at home, such as writing this article – which I did while enjoying ‘cannabisized’ coffee. I definitely think I can speak with some authority to the effectiveness on dosing your morning cupa java with  cannabutter and still remaining productive because I, myself, do it nearly every day.

Marijuana users have been ‘waking and baking’ for countless years; nowadays the ways in which you can internalize cannabis is impressively varied: you can light up a joint, you can smoke out of a pipe, you can vaporize, you can topicalize, or you can ingest it in tincture, oil, capsules, crystals or take a ‘medible’ (cannabis infused edible). There is now a superior option called Delta 8 THC tinctures which maximizes the benefits and minimizes negative outcomes from THC consumption. To find the top Delta 8 THC tinctures on the market today, visit our other cannabis blog posts right now!

Coffee is also fairly ubiquitous as morning rituals go; most people in American society have at least a cup of coffee as part of their morning routine, and coffee service is offered by a lot of businesses as a free offering to their customers.

So why not marry weed and coffee for a morning pick-me-up that is also kind of mellow? I find I still get the ‘energy’ of caffeine but it levels off nicely with the addition of cannabis in my brew! You can have your breakfast meal of eggs and toast or oatmeal to give your body fuel, have some coffee to wake you up and some cannabis for homeostasis – a balanced boost to start the day!

Cannabutter and cannaveggie oil are great ways to add some marijuana goodness to your food. We cook a LOT with it in a variety of foods! We actually make our own cannabutter by melting a stick of ½ cup/8 tbs butter and adding four tablespoons of 1600 mg cannabis suffused vegetable oil, which works out to about 100 mg per tablespoon, and then letting the butter mixture re-solidify in the fridge – it works great and is generally cheaper than buying pre-made cannabutter at a dispensary.

So, if there is 400 mg of canna in the butter, you can subdivide that however you want – using a teaspoon would be roughly 1/12th (figuring 3 tsp per tbs) of the amount of canna in the butter or 30 mg, again roughly, per teaspoon.

I usually go with a third of a teaspoon of cannabutter in my coffee, which would put me at about 10 mg. It is not completely scientific putting CBD oil in your coffees. I am not completely accounting for the regular butter diluting the dosage – but with trial and error you can find an amount to put in your coffee that works well for you!

Once you do find a ratio of cannabis and coffee that suits your needs, then you will gain experience regarding how long the effects last and whether you want to increase your concentration of cannabutter to achieve stronger or longer lasting results.

As I also indicated, I do find cannabis, for me personally, mitigates the occasional coffee blocks or caffeine jitters and you can adjust your dosage ratio accordingly to any after effects of caffeine.

I sometimes add a little more cannabutter to offset the digestive and nervous negatives of drinking coffee! As with any medicinal application, and cannabis IS medicinal, your own physiology may vary your experience from someone else’s – thus you’ll have to experiment a little and adjust according to your personal experience. But it’s not hard to figure out how to add or subtract a little cannabutter to get the most out of the combination with coffee!

I also find that my cannabisized coffee ritual helps me have a more productive morning. I work from home doing freelance graphic design, with my wife as my partner, in addition to doing some writing on the side, so I wear different hats and can have multiple clients with multiple projects that I am juggling, and I do this all the time.

It could get overwhelming were it not for the mellowing of the ganja in my java; I still need the coffee surge of energy, but definitely don’t need the jitteriness – in fact, I very much need the calming cannabis effect. Like anyone else, I have bills and friends and family and social media all coming at me all the time, so cannabutter in my coffee helps me to weather the constant downpouring of everyday life, with calm vitality!

Being middle-aged, I have my share of aches and pains from having lived an active life, so the pain relief of the cannabis in my coffee also improves my productivity as it lessens the pain; admittedly, I also smoke weed, and occasionally take CBD and RSO – but the additional pain mitigation of the cannabis in my coffee works in conjunction with the other products (but also works fairly well by itself, when I haven’t had them).

In this social media age, we are all inundated with family and friend posts, plus the daily news cycle can be more than a little crazy and unnerving, and on top of all that we have job and family obligations – so it does help to have something like cannabis to sooth us! Cannabidiol is the healthiest answer among all options along with healthy foods purchased on a budget.

There are bunches of ways to medicate with cannabis, I happen to think that having some cannabutter in your coffee is one great way to get a good start on the day! You can dose these cannabinoids fairly easily, you can enjoy the benefits of a caffeine pick-me-up with the pain mitigation and stress relief of cannabis by having some in your coffee in the morning. You could also purchase CBD oil from multi-level marketing companies and add the oil straight to your cup of caffeine.

In addition to the sounder reasons I have given for using it, I also happen to like the subtle taste of cannabutter in my coffee, I think it makes it richer, but that’s purely my opinion – I happen to love the taste of cannabinoids in lots of food, which is why I cook with it! If you are a cannabis user or you’re growing your own plants from cannabis seeds, try it for yourself, because it might become one of your favorite ways to start a pain-free, stress-free, and productive day.

Bottoms up CBD coffee cravers! A cup of cannabidiol coffee is the right way to start the day!

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