Why You Should Join Valentus if You Love MLM (for 2020)

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Owning a network marketing business is truly exciting. There is no other feeling in business than to see your team and your residual income growing exponentially every month. I will never go back to a job. In this article, I am going to talk about the Valentus MLM opportunity, and why you will love them also.

I’ve been a lone wolf in network marketing since 2014. I mean I never really had a sponsor, and the sponsors I saw repulsed me with their aggressive, car salesman approach. 

So, I built 3 MLM businesses without a sponsor. I built two legs in every binary company I was in. However, these companies all had something in common: they had automated email system that helped me recruit.

I was never great at calling leads (tried it for 2 months in the very beginning), never did a 3-way call, and never talked to friends or family about my business (lost all my so-called friends when I got sober.)

This autoresponder that the company gave all its reps emailed my leads for me. All I had to do was generate enough leads for the emails to go out to enough prospects to get sign-ups.

This was perfect for an introverted internet marketer like myself who had no warm market and started smack dab in the cold market since day one!

Of course, I started MLM because of the products, don’t get me wrong, but as an internet marketer I always felt like MLM home parties and talking to everyone 3 feet around you about your business was pushy, tacky, spammy, and social suicide.

What really sealed the deal with this cold-market-email-system-and generating-enough-leads-and-it-will-work-component-of-MLM was that it actually worked! After generating 60,000 leads in 3 different companies I managed to recruit over 800 people myself, and work full-time from home.

Valentus is no different. Amazing products (more than 25 and no CBD Oil!) Autoresponder for all reps. Paid weekly including Binary Match. (Binary is usually paid out monthly) and a killer team. I actually like my sponsor a lot. In fact, this is the first time I haven’t had to build both legs of the Binary (left leg and right leg) since 2014.

What does all this have to do with me, you ask?

Most people quit MLM because they don’t talk to enough people. Or, they talk to all their friends and family (and turn them off) then hit a wall. The real money in MLM is in the “cold market” aka strangers, people you don’t know.

Well, cold market is all I know. Having this autoresponder, killer products, and me as your sponsor equals success. I will show you where to get endless leads and traffic, and teach you how to work only one hour a day or less on your business. My MLM businesses have always been 95% automated.

Valentus is in the momentum stage and that is the best time to catch the wave. They went from making $12 million in september 19’ to $15 million in october. We are growing fast globally. You can pick and choose what countries you want to promote in.

Plus, you can lose amazing weight even while you sleep. So, let’s make the new year amazing. Let’s truly lock arms in this venture because I am in it till the end. Click the button to take the free tour and we will see you on the other side!


Erik Christian Johnson

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