7 Tips For Winning More Business Clients

When it comes to winning new clients, you often to pitch for the business and this can be a tough job making sure you stand out from the crowd. The potential client will have seen a number of pitches and presentations, so how can you really grab their attention and make sure it is you that they choose?

Not only will they have seen many and had more to see, but they also will have been in your shoes at some point and will know that you are trying to impress. So what is going to make them either part with their money or choose you over anyone else? Here are 5 ways to start winning over more business clients.

Have Some Humility

It is all well and good telling the people from the business you are pitching for how great you are and why they should pick you, but remember that they have seen a number of egos so you will stand out by showing some humility. Highlight the obvious challenges or risks your business faces and show that you are prepared for this. Show that you have and know the strengths to overcome them.

Get Personal

A personal story, anecdote or reference will be unique and something that no one else can offer. This can humanize the experience and give the potential clients something they can relate to.

Simplicity Is Key

Don’t overwhelm people with graphs, charts, data, and jargon. Make sure your presentation is visually pleasing and create impactful presentations for your audience. Be selective with the data that you show and keep your charts and graphs readable.

Get To The Point

Get your most compelling points across early as you won’t have that much time in the pitch, so you want the panel to learn the two or three most important things early on. Not only will this keep them interested but will mean that you won’t forget to include them.  


Including a brief demonstration of what your offering is can be really useful if it is done right. Not some cheesy role play, but something where you can involve the potential new clients will definitely make you memorable and stand out from the crowd.

Do Your Research

Read up on who you will be pitching too and align your pitch with the strengths and weaknesses of those people. Make sure you keep strong eye contact throughout the pitch and use whatever prior knowledge you have to your advantage. Show them that you are interested in who they are, without; sucking up’ you can still show admiration for work they have done in the past or interest in something you know they have been a part of.

Practice, Practice, and Practice

You need to know what you are saying, not just learn it, but know it. That way you will know the answer to any questions and just know what you are talking about. Look for inspiration from events where entrepreneurs, experts, and venture capitalists meet. You can learn from watching other pitches and researching the tactics and strategies that are needed for you to hone your skills and perfect your pitch. That way you can start attracting more clients consistently.