Work From Home? Avoid These Health Risks

Do you work as a blogger, freelancer or run a home based business in any kind of capacity? While this can be incredible for the right kind of person, there are some health risks that you’re particularly prone to. Here’s how you can help to ward them off.

Get outside more

When you work from home you tend to be inside a lot. The same is true in many other workplaces, but you don’t even have colleagues to take a walk outside with when you work for yourself so it’s easy to end up staying in and getting cabin fever. Make the effort to take breaks, walk your dog at lunchtime or do some work in the garden if it’s a nice day. The natural light is beneficial for your mental health and also enables you to soak up some vitamin D.

Avoid snacking on the wrong things

When you’re in a traditional workplace, your hours tend to be set and you tend to eat at roughly the same time each day. However, when you’re working from home it’s easy to snack too often and eat the wrong things. Any gastro doctors will tell you that a lot of issues people have with their digestion and the way they feel in general come down to poor lifestyle choices, and it’s something those that work from home are prone to. If you’re reaching for biscuits with every cup of tea, snacking on unhealthy foods and eating too much at lunchtime then the effects will soon start to show.

Get enough exercise

If you’re working from home, it’s likely that whatever you’re doing is pretty sedentary. You’re of course not alone here, many people have sedentary roles such as desk or driving jobs, but it doesn’t mean it’s acceptable in terms of health. To try to balance out the fact that you’re seated for most of the day, get enough exercise outside of your working hours. Take your dog on long walks, cycle to see friends or join the gym. You’ll feel more energised and can help counter things like obesity and all of its complications, weak muscles and more.


When we think about health, it’s not just physical health we need to take into consideration. Mental health is a huge part of it too, and there are some particular risks to your mental health if you work for yourself and work from home.

First of all, without a stable income you can suffer with stress and anxiety around money. Secondly, it’s a lot of responsibility without always much help for struggling entrepreneurs. Perhaps one of the biggest issues is that you don’t have a workplace to speak of, there’s no colleagues to chat to or community spirit.

Most of your days will be spent by yourself, and if you live alone too it can be particularly isolating. Make an effort to socialize and see your loved ones when you can. You could always join new classes and hobbies as a way to meet people if you feel you need to expand your circle.

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