Working With An Architect: What Happens At A Design Meeting?

work with architect design meeting

Once in awhile, business professionals who are starting on new building projects face challenging decisions when meeting their architects for the first time. What should you reasonably expect when working with an architect? In scheduling initial design meetings with architects, you may want to pick up some basic knowledge of the project site beforehand. While every architect and project is unique, here are some common things that may happen during your first meeting with your architects.

Topics For Discussion

Usually, the main purpose of a design meeting is to discuss the project’s development and your design decisions with the architects. After having inspected the site, the architects can inform you of their findings and any factors that could potentially hinder the construction of your building. This meeting can take place at the architect’s office, the clients’ home or on-site. That’s if you want to have a real-time conversation about the project’s early development stage.

The factors that crop up in the meeting may include provisions for the long-term expansion of the project. Good architects usually want to plan their projects to favour future redevelopment. For example, if you are thinking about putting up a two-story apartment, architects may have to consider the locations of the property and how its foundation structure will be laid out to provide support for additional floors in the future. If you are looking for the best residential architecture specialists in London, then navigate to these guys.


Design meetings between clients and their architects also provide avenues for both parties to ask vital questions. These questions may centre on various aspects of the property such as:

· The type of construction and its pros and cons

· The project’s design features with respect to local planning regulations

· Local design guides

· Restrictions on the project site and possible solutions

· Likely costs of the project (budget)

· Planning fees and local authority approval

· Project deadlines

Apart from the above topics, a multitude of queries can also arise in other areas based on the details of the construction work. Whatever the case may be, design meetings always offer opportunities for clients to voice their thoughts on their dream buildings.

It’s the duty of architects to listen to their clients and come up with clear-cut architectural drawings and advice about how they can best execute the project to meet the expectations of their customers. Expert architects will be in a good position to explain how they overcome design challenges such as topological features and natural light issues.

What Results Can You Expect From Your First Design Meeting?

After holding a series of discussions with architects, you should be able to come to a conclusion on the concerns raised and their solutions. At this point, the architects will finalize the design plan that suits the needs of their clients.


When you intend to start a new construction project, the design meeting can be a make or break moment for the project. Therefore, you need to take it seriously because what you discuss in the meeting is usually what you get at the end. When you choose experienced architects, such as Humphreys and Sons, to work on your building, your design meeting with them will be the starting point for you to obtain relevant documents for the planning application.