Why You’re More than a Network Marketer

Why You're More than a Network Marketer

Why You’re More than a Network Marketer

There’s a growing trend of network marketers creating the same old content, over and over again. Here’s a few tips to stay competitive.

Two Deadly MLM Career Moves

With the advent of pre-made MLM blog platforms with content already curated for you, it’s easier than ever for a new network marketer to spend some money and just use one of these platforms.

Or, the new distributor doesn’t take the time to learn “Branding” at all and just slaps up their company product image on their social media bio and calls themselves “Distributor #26432 for (MLM company.)

These are the two main problems network marketers are dealing with.

The first being, using a pre-made MLM blog platform that does the Branding for you, which makes you look like every other distributor using these platforms.

And two, slapping your product image up and calling yourself a distributor means nothing to your audience and you just turned most everyone off by looking spammy or like a salesman.

No one cares that you’re a distributor for so and so company. If people really wanted your products badly enough they would just Google the name and go to the first website that pops up.

I know it’s hard as a new network marketing distributor. I’ve been there, spamming my opportunity link everywhere I could, so desperate for an order or getting a new rep.

But, I learned how to Brand myself.

These are the things I did to stop sounding like most distributors:

  1. I created my own blog on a Self-Hosted Bluehost account. That means it’s my own website with my own content that no one can take away from me, unlike free sites like WordPress.com, where they can literally suspend your account with no warning.
  2. I took out “distributor” on my social media profiles and added personal things I like, like quotes, and that I’m a Entrepreneur. I also added “Passionate about Network Marketing” but I didn’t say I was in MLM or a distributor.
  3. Reduced or stopped “Product endorsements.” I found it much easier and effective to promote the “income opportunity” of my business rather than the “benefits of the product” side of it.
  4. I started to write more personal stuff on my blog instead of always network marketing.

Now, I want to talk about why I don’t like pre-made blog platforms, like MLSP and Empower Network.

It’s great that these platforms come already made with a solid stream of content you can share (I don’t know if Empower does this), but you are still left having to promote this blog to get traffic, and these platforms cost good money.

More distributors are promoting these types of blogs, which makes the market saturated. I instantly know when someone online is promoting a MLSP blog and not their own.

This is fine if you really don’t have time to blog, but understand that in order to become a true leader in MLM, you need to create everything from scratch!

This takes time. If you’re a blogger, expect blogging solidly for a couple years. If you’re a video marketer, it’s a lot less time.

It’s easy to upload a quick two to three minute video to Periscope or Snapchat or youTube from your phone.

The point is, there’s no free lunch anymore.

Network marketing is extremely competitive and if you’re just sharing pre-made content, people are going to see this and know that you’re most likely an amateur.

How to be yourself

Most MLM bloggers, if they do start off from scratch (Bravo!) write about the same things. Titles like:

How to get Leads from Facebook.

Blah, blah, blah.

Eventually, you want to be writing stuff about “behind the scenes.”

People love behind the scenes, even if it’s relatively boring, look at the Kardashians. People are obsessed with them and they hardly do anything!

Start writing some personal stuff on your blog, this does a few awesome things:

  1. It makes you REAL.
  2. It get’s you out of the competitive MLM Niche.
  3. People get to know, like and trust you faster, which you need buyer trust.
  4. It spices up your blog!
  5. It keeps your writing interesting.

My blog took off when I wrote about my heart attack one day.

I felt that it was time for me to reveal everything about my life and wanted to break free from the MLM Blogger model.

It was one of my most popular blog posts.

It’s okay to write about your life, your kids, your hobbies, your rants, anything as long as it’s not just you complaining.

Try to end every post with a lesson or a takeaway.

The point is, we are all more than network marketers. It’s okay to share your life and beliefs with others.

Your blog should be of YOU, not just an MLM opportunity or MLM tips and techniques.

Of course, you want to share your expertise in network marketing to attract prospects, but it’s also okay to flavor your blog with YOU.

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