4 YouTube Statistics to up Your Marketing Game

youtube statistics video marketers need

It’s not enough to just read about your product. Your target audience needs to see it in action. Google makes this possible with the help of its YouTube advertising program.

With the right strategy, your product could be seen by millions of subscribers. YouTube’s top influencers attract anywhere from half a million views to tens of millions of views per video!

Even smaller YouTubers can generate sales for your product, as more brands are discovering the marketing power of small, niche channels.

Still not convinced? Check out these four YouTube statistics to learn more!

1. Leverage Highly Engaged Audiences

It’s hard to click away from YouTube. The #1 video streaming platform in the world is home to the most engaged audiences online. Users watch more than a billion hours worth of YouTube videos per day!

The average viewer watches nearly 12 minutes of YouTube videos per session. They also visit more than six YouTube pages a day, with the most popular channels focusing on music, DIY how-to videos, reviews, and lifestyle vlogs.

YouTube entices users to watch one video after the next, giving you ample time to get your ad seen.

2. Little Advertising Competition

Believe it or not, YouTube marketing isn’t the most popular method, despite impressive conversion rates. SEO expert, Neil Patel, found that only 24% of brands have a YouTube marketing strategy in the works. This stat reveals ample opportunities for brands that want to go viral.

Companies like the Purple Mattress and Dollar Shave Club drastically increased brand awareness and sales because of viral YouTube campaigns. Now’s the best time to create your viral campaign while competition is surprisingly low. Read on here to discover the best ad placement strategy for your YouTube marketing plan.

3. The Marketing Power of YouTube Influencers

Social media ushered in the age of influencer marketing, and influencers thrive on platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Recent studies show that nearly 70% of followers engage with influencer content, which increases sponsored content conversion rates.

However, the right influencer match is essential for successful sponsored content. Follow the latest influencer outreach best practices to discover the perfect partnership for your brand.

Don’t forget the incentives! Most influencers provide followers with special discount codes. Remember this perk while crafting your YouTube strategy.

4. Better Than Facebook?

Facebook revolutionized social media marketing for businesses, but nearly 79% of surveyed marketers believe YouTube increases ad conversion. With YouTube giving Facebook a run for its money, now’s an excellent time to leverage YouTube marketing for your goals.

You don’t have to give up your Facebook marketing campaign. Both social platforms offer cost-effective pay-per-click models, and you can run cross-platform campaigns on limited marketing budgets. Run a/b ad tests to discover the right marketing combination for your goals.

What Do YouTube Statistics Mean to You?

YouTube statistics reveal the power of video advertising and influencer marketing. Run your first YouTube ad campaign to experience the benefits for yourself.

Is the hype real? You decide! Discover the latest YouTube advertising tips and trends to optimize your video ad campaign.